Virtual Reality and Van Gogh Collide — Technology Is Turning Museums into a Booming Industry

  • 2017-09-27
  • CNBC

To be sure, many art traditionalists are quick to criticize the integration of virtual reality and Van Gogh. However, museums are making a surprising discovery: technology isn't hindering the appreciation of physical art.

In fact, museum attendance has skyrocketed more than ever since computers and iPads entered the art realm, some art experts say. It's allowing visitors to experience art in a new way, while bringing exhibits to others that may never even set foot in the institution at all.

So why wouldn't visitors be tempted to abandon museums altogether in favor of scrolling Instagram? It boils down to physical experiences that make art more memorable —just like with any relationship, according to the founder and CEO of Artsy, the world's largest online collection of art.